Thursday, May 21, 2015

Opposites Attract

I never really understood the the term opposites attract until last night. Because in my current situation it's the complete opposite. Last night I was on a third date with a guy. We went to a local bar where we saw multiple heavy metal bands play live. I have recently gotten into this type of music because one of my friends play in a heavy metal band. I genuinely thought that I liked this guy up until last night. He just looked absolutely miserable like he wasn't even having a good time. Don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciated that he came along just because it was something he knew I liked. And the only reason I went was to support one of my best friends. Rewind to when I first got to the bar, which was about an hour before my date got to the bar. I happened to meet two complete strangers. They were pretty chill, both bartenders who lived in the area. One was a tall good looking pretty boy who was 24 years old. The other one was a 27 year old,dark skinned and bearded, a little on the heavier side kind of man. They both were hilarious and extremely outgoing, which if y'all haven't picked up the vibe yet, I am the complete opposite of outgoing. I am the semi shy, socially awkward kind of person. Which is the exact type of person my date is. I never realized us being alike in this sorta way was a big deal. But last night, once my new found friends left things got weird between us. We had absolutely nothing to talk about. We have had little issues like this before as well. He's such a boring person to text but we could snapchat all day long, no problem at all. I guess I just liked his looks and his lifestyle. Tall skinny white guy, dark hair short beard, and the best part, blue eyes. Sorry guys, but i'm a sucker for brunettes. Even when I do meet guys who are the complete opposite of me and we vibe well, they always just so happen to be in a relationship. Which was the situation last night. The 27 year old and I vibed well, laughed a lot, and were secretly flirting with each other the entire time before my date arrived. I desperately wanted to give him my number, but of course he was taken. As is every good guy in this world. Another awkward moment last night was when the 27 year old asked if we were dating/together. I didn't respond because I don't know what me and this other guy are yet, hoping he would respond with some sort of answer like, no we're just friends or yeah we're dating; he didn't respond either. That was weird. But what's even weirder is that last night was our third date and we haven't even kissed yet! Don't get me wrong, i'm all for making the first move, but I've never felt like there's been a good perfect moment to do it between us. Three dates in one month and not even a kiss yet, that's pretty absurd if you ask me. Enough ranting for now; onto the next single candidate....... 

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