Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I think

Every night I lie in bed and think of you.
I think of how different things could be if I changed the past.
If I never moved away.
If I kissed you every opportunity I had rather than pretend to be you friend when I know we both wanted more.
I think of how we met, how I felt whenever I was around you. 
I think of your life now, without me in it.
I think of how beautiful your new girlfriend is.
I think of how happy I am for your happiness.
I think of the family issues you're going through; wishing I could be there to hold your hand through the pain. 
I think of my own pain, the pain of never being yours, the pain knowing that we will never be together.
I think of you as the one that got away. 
I tell myself I'm over you, or that you don't matter anymore, but lying to myself never got me far.
I think it's time to let go. But I don't think I'm ready.... 

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