Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why Dating Is Hard

 Okay I know I complain about being single, which is why iv'e been putting myself out there. Give me some credit here... Dating is extremely hard, just putting that out there. I'm not dating one person, I'm going on dates with multiple people. Did that just make me sound like a slut? I'm not sleeping with all these people, i'm simply going on dates with multiple men, and once I find one that I really like then I'll slowly let go of the others. I mean that's the only way to do it right? I'm putting myself out there, that's all that matters. Okay back to how dating is hard. Number 1: I spend multiple nights a week getting all dressed up to play small talk with guys. Don't get me wrong, I love to get to know people. But when you're dating multiple people you sometimes get them mixed up. Number 2: My fridge is overflowing with restaurant leftovers; I'm going to get fat from eating out so often. Number 3: Guys always want to come over and "cuddle" at the most least convenient times. I'm in yoga pants, drinking wine and watching Netflix. On top of that I haven't showered at all today, and i'm not wearing a bra or makeup. No I don't want you to come over. I just use the excuse, "I'm out with my friends." Number 4: I am such an awkward shy person on first dates, I'm surprised guys still like me. Honestly dating isn't as hard as i'm making it sound, I'm just tired of it. I just want to settle down already; with one person. Eventually I'll catch that one perfect fish; I have hope. 

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